4 Peaks Wants a New Holiday Song!

Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and if you listen closely you can hear the faint sounds of carolers. But, 4 Peaks wants a new holiday song! Are you tired of the untimely demise of somebody’s grandma? Then compose your own holiday song! Are you sick of hearing about the athletic feats of caribou? Write a better holiday song! Are you done with the tales of a fat man jotting down notes? Craft your own holiday song!

4 Peaks is looking to our community of artists and musicians to come up with an original holiday song or an original interpretation of a classic holiday song. So, grab your guitar or sit down at your piano and let us hear your creativity! All you have to do is write & video (iPhone video is fine) and get it to us. Do you like prizes? Enter the #4PeaksNewHolidaySong contest! Got an idea for a holiday song? Enter the #4PeaksNewHolidaySong contest! Full details below.

Official rules
1. Write, perform, & video your original holiday song or your original interpretation of a classic holiday song.
2. Post your video to Youtube.com using #4PeaksNewHolidaySong.
3. Subscribe to the 4 Peaks Music Festival Youtube channel.
4. Share your video with 4 Peaks through social media. (don’t forget to tag #4PeaksNewHolidaySong)
5. Tell your friends to “like” your video and subscribe to our channel.
6. The contest ends December 20, 2020.
7. The winner will be decided by a panel of 4 Peaks judges. (“likes” sway our decision!)
8. The winners will be announced on December 21, 2020.
9. in addition to all the glory and recognition, winners will receive an “Ultimate 4 Peaks Prize Package.” Contents to be revealed each week leading up to the declaration of the winner.

Questions? Please contact gregg@4peakspresents.com