What is 4Peaks?

The 16th incarnation of the family-friendly 4 Peaks Music Festival returns to the picturesque Stevenson Ranch, framed by the scenic Cascade Mountains. The ranch offers wide open spaces and multiple stages, allowing for intimate camping with your friends & family while you discover your new favorite band.

Attendees can look forward to morning yoga with Nicole Baumann, world-class music throughout the day & night, and late-night Silent Disco and a silent band set by Call Down Thunder while enjoying local food, craft beverages, and artisan vendors.

Kids will never forget the newly-expanded Kidlandia. So, grab your family and meet your friends, old and new, at the Stevenson Ranch for the 2024 4 Peaks Music Festival!

Why the Summer Solstice?

We could say the Summer Solstice is when the sun travels the longest path through the sky and gives us in the Northern Hemisphere the longest day. Or, we could tell you that the North Pole is tilted about 23°27´ toward the Sun and the vertical noon rays are directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer 23°27´ N.

But really, the Summer Solstice is the start of summer! It’s a time to celebrate the sun with music, dancing, friends, and good eats and drinks. And where could be a better place to celebrate than at 4 Peaks in Bend, Oregon?

What is Route to 4Peaks?

At each of the Route to 4 Peaks shows, staff & volunteers will be hanging out, selling tickets, and answering any questions you may have about the upcoming Festival. Come party with us!

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Should I Bring My Family to 4Peaks?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!

4 Peaks is a family-friendly event. We make sure there is something for everyone at the Festival. The sight of kids running around while their parents dance to the music is typical.

Be sure to check out our Kidlandia schedule!

How Do I Get To 4Peaks?

Please see the ‘Directions’ page for more information.

What Are The Festival Grounds' Hours?

Gates open Thursday, June 20 at noon.

Gates close for good on Sunday, June 23 at 6pm!

Festival MAIN GATE (Knott Road) Hours

Thursday, June 20 from 10am (large RV’s ONLY) – 9pm. Gates open to the public at 12pm! 
Friday, June 21, 9am – 9pm
Saturday June 22, 9am – 9pm
Sunday June 23, 9am-6pm (All attendees must be off premises at 6pm)

Festival Venue Hours
Thursday, June 20, 4pm – 12am
Friday, June 21, 8am – 2am
Saturday, June 22, 8am – 2am
Sunday, June 23, 8am – 4pm
All times are subject to change. Please check back closer to the event for finalized times.

What Kinds Of Tickets Are There & Where Do I Buy Them?

Is There a Day Ticket Available?

A limited number of single-day tickets are now available here!

What's Bend Weather Like?

Weather can be crazy in Central Oregon. And, some of our favorite memories have been shaped by mother nature.

Ask a long time 4 Peaker about the epic Jackie Greene rainstorm set in the tent or the double rainbows that sometimes frame the Cascade Stage!

Check the 7-day weather forecast

Can I Get Involved With The Festival?

What Kind of Food & Beverages Can I Expect?

Food a plenty!

  • El Sancho
  • Dump City Dumplings
  • TOTS!
  • The Pizza Cart
  • Southern Accent
  • La Guaira Bistro
  • Jack Frost Shaved Ice
  • Simply Smoothies

At the Bar!

  • 503 Distillery
  • Bledsoe Wines
  • Rise Cold Brew
  • Ablis Functional Infusions
  • Bend Cider Co.

Cold Beer!

  • Oblivion Brewing Co
  • Tranquillo Cerveza
  • Silvermoon Brewing
  • Three Creeks Brewing Company
  • Boneyard Brewing

Is The Event ADA Accessible?

Yes, we offer ADA parking, camping and ADA restrooms/handwashing stations.

The parking and camping ADA will be closest to the festival entrance.

For all ADA service inquiries please contact questions@4peakspresents.com and put “ADA Inquiry” in the subject line.

What Kind of Lodging Is Available?

Camp by your car, buy an RV pass , buy a trailer pass. All details about camping passes and length of vehicles/restrictions, are on our ticketing page

If you want to camp with friends, come with friends. 

A few helpful links:

What Should I Bring For Camping at 4Peaks?

Bring all the stuff allowed for you to have fun at 4 Peaks! Camping stuff! Festival stuff! Having fun stuff! There will NOT be plastic in the venue or at the bar. Please feel free to come with a Silipint from previous 4 Peaks. Here’s a good list of what to bring to 4 Peaks – 

Summer Festival Packing List

4 Peakers!!!!! What to bring to 4Peaks

¥ PHONE + wall & car charger
¥ ID + backup ID

¥ Keys + backup car key kept in different place***
¥ CASH – most things are cashless, but the kiddos always ask
¥ Credit card/Debit card for shopping or emergencies
¥ Printed email confirmation
¥ Map or directions to venue!
¥ Sunblock / Lotion

¥ Insect repellent
¥ Sunglasses + backup pair
¥ Vitamins

¥ Bandannas
¥ Watch – even if you never wear one, you might want to for a festival to keep track of time slots!
¥ Sun hat/parasol/visor

¥ Deodorant – please!
¥ First aid kit w/Ibuprofen, Imodium A-D, Bandaids for blisters, etc. – however, our medfial tent is here for you!
¥ Sanitizing / Baby Wipes

¥ Glasses + Contacts + Extra contacts + Solution
¥ Toothbrush & toothpaste
¥ Grocery bags – paper please! (we are a no waster event when possible)
¥ Festival Blanket/matt
¥ Ear plugs
¥ Head lamp or flashlight
¥ Water bottle
¥ Frisbee – can play with it and use it as your plate

¥ Fork & spoon or just SPORK IT

¥ Socks & underwear + several extra pairs extras

¥ Hat + wool socks + gloves + warm jacket

¥ Comfortable closed-toe shoes

¥ Clothes – layers are always best.
¥ Costumes if you would like. Festivals are the perfect excuse to wear all that really weird shit in your closet.

¥ Tent
¥ Hammer/Mallet for tent stake
¥ Air mattress + pump or foam pad
¥ Warm sleeping bag
¥ Pillow + extra blanket(s) for tent – if you have extra room
¥ Tarp(s)- for shade and/or to put under your tent for less moisture wicking
¥ Shade structure/gazebo for shade & creating camp space
¥ Ground blankets – that you don’t mind ruining
¥ Camp chairs, pillows, old rugs etc. for sitting
¥ Camp table
¥ Camp stove if you must (propane closed lame ONLY)

¥ Solar camp shower if you are ritzy + biodegradable soap
¥ Colorful wall hangings, bright sarongs, wind socks etc to hang – camp decor, get creative!
¥ Paper clamps to hang stuff
¥ Ice chests + ice
¥ Plastic bin(s) to hold all of this crap

FOR FUN – Give back to your creative community!
¥ Camera + extra battery or video camera
¥ Day bag for carrying all this around
¥ Hoola Hoops
¥ Twirling stuff
¥ LED toys
¥ Parasols for the sun

¥ Drum, guitar or zither
¥ Hammock

Please see the ‘What Is Prohibited at the Festival’ section below to learn what NOT to bring.

Can I Bring Alcohol?

OLCC says no way! Alcohol is available to purchase at the bar, and for very affordable prices for a festival! 

There will be a vehicle/RV check upon arriving into the festival site. 

What Is Prohibited At The Festival?

NO Weapons of any kind including slingshots, sticks, bats or clubs, samurai swords and nun-chucks.

NO open flames, campfires or charcoal grilling (propane grills are ok in the campsite ONLY)

NO Outside food or beverages in the festival grounds, only in the designated campsite zones

NO Coolers or Ice Chests in the festival grounds, only in the designated campsite zones

NO Professional photography equipment or cameras with detachable lenses longer than 2 inches, without proper credentials (point-and-shoot cameras without additional lenses are OK)

NO Drones

NO Fireworks or explosives of any kind

NO Audio Recordings

NO tents in the festival grounds, only in the designated campsite zones

NO water guns or squirt guns

NO skates, skateboards or bikes (Bikes are allowed on cars and in campgrounds, but the grounds are NOT fit for riding bikes…. Leave them at home if you don’t absolutely need them. If you DO ride a BIKE to the Festival, you do NOT need to pay the Vehicle Impact Fee! We love our bike commuters!)

NO Pets (even really, really small ones)

NO Box trucks or trailers (a camping trailer is OK, but it is considered an RV which requires an RV pass)

NO Drugs or drug paraphernalia

NO Refunds or exchanges

NO Laser pens or similar focused-light devices

NO Vending of any kind without a vendor pass (Sharing yes, selling, no. You know the difference.)


Are Pets Allowed?

No. Please leave your animal friend at home, as the Stevenson Ranch is a working cattle ranch for most of the year!

Service Animal Policy

The only animals allowed at the event are those that align with the ADA’s service animal classification for animals specifically trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and are therefore not allowed on the grounds. 

Please email questions@4peakspresents.com with ‘Service Animal Inquiry’ in the subject to ask about how you can register your service animal. They will NOT be allowed in the venue.

What Is The Drone Policy?

Absolutely no drones.

You wouldn’t know it, but Stevenson Ranch is an FAA-certified airfield.

ALL drones will be confiscated!

Is WiFi Available?

No, so sorry, but WIFI is not provided to the public.

There is great cell coverage at the Stevenson Ranch!

Does 4Peaks Care About The Environment?

4 Peaks is committed to Zero Waste principals and sustainability efforts.

We recently received a grant from the Deschutes County Waste Department for our efforts and we work hard to return the ranch to its working form each year.

There will NOT be plastic in the venue or at the bar. Please feel free to come with a Silipint from previous 4 Peaks!

We are very proud of our EarthWell Branded 4 Peaks Cups this year, available at the bar and first drink is FREE with purchase (please purchase one as a souvenir, they are AWESOME and pretty!)

Have More Questions? Get In Touch!

For General Questions: questions@4peakspresents.com

Ticket Questions: willcall@4peakspresents.com