No matter who we camp with it feels like family; new friends, new neighbors and new music fanatics.

I am a single mother of a son who is now 10.  We have been going to 4 peaks festival since he was 5.  This festival to us means so many things and so many memories. My son has friends from the festival that he looks forward to seeing again every year. I love the family feel of this festival and feel safe, loved, and energized every time we go. The live music just feeds my soul in so many ways. I love the variety of music. I love hearing new groups that I didn’t know about. Its awesome to see bands that I have loved for years. To see them live in an outdoor smaller setting is absolutely fabulous.
We have volunteered and had so much fun being part of the family on that level. The camping experience is its own special aspect of this festival. No matter who we camp with it feels like family; new friends, new neighbors and new music fanatics. Folks bring their instruments and have jam sessions right in their little camps.  I also love the impromptu late night jam sessions! I will never forget the one we called the “bacon session” at midnight in 2013 (think it was a combo or tap water and corn meal possibly?).

Late night impromptu Music jamming, and bacon frying, and jimmy john passing around ;0). Life just doesn’t get much better than that now does it? 4 Peaks music festival is set in one of the most beautiful locations in Oregon. To wake up to the peacocks, sunshine, and snow capped mountains is top notch festival camping. This festival is something we both start craving early in the year. We absolutely can’t wait for June so we can roll back in with our VW bus and build new memories with the 4 Peaks family. I see my son and I being part of this for years to come.  The best ever kick start to our summer

Cindy's Story

This festival is for everyone, but especially true fans of music.

At the end of the day what I really want is to know that I lived life, loved myself and others deeply, had fun and memorable experiences with my family, felt the joy of music, and nourished my soul as much as possible.  What the 4 Peaks Music Festival has done for me is nothing short of helping me fulfill a significant part of my vision for a fulfilled life.
From the week leading up to the event, and the week that follows, the feeling is thick in the air.  I have my sights set on spending time with friends new and old, staying up way too late, and watching the night sky from atop my RV. We get the RV ready, and count down the hours until we head out to the Rockin’ A Ranch.  Connecting with local and regional friends, hearing inspiring new music, and hula hooping and dancing around with my kids is about to happen.  Just to the east side of the Central Oregon Cascade Range, 4 Peaks gets rolling each morning with the smell of delicious food, and the sound of kids playing. With the usual chill in the air, adults taking their a.m. stretch with their coffee.  The festival is in full swing as I stand on top of my RV and see dozens of other RV’s and tents into the distance.  By late morning the music begins and everywhere I look I see smiling faces, kids in face paint, and people dancing to the joyous sounds.  An eclectic blend of music always shows up at 4 Peaks.  Anything from bluegrass to funk can be found here.  I’ve been inspired by many bands over the years here.  Each year I’m blessed with seeing new music too.  This festival is for everyone, but especially true fans of music.

As the years go by at 4 Peaks, and I’ve been to them all, I see how these experiences have enriched my life as well as that of my family as a whole.  It’s a bonding trip, a treasure trove of blessed memories and experiences.  We talk often about 4 Peaks experiences from the past and always look forward to what’s coming next on the horizon.  4 Peaks has always helped me feel like I’m on the right path, and I will be a devoted patron for as long as possible!  Thank you 4 Peaks!

Jason's Story

Going to 4 Peaks has exposed me to different types of music and helped inspire me to play myself.

I have been going to 4 Peaks since the very beginning and I am so proud there is such an awesome festival in my hometown. I remember being 3 and a half years old and walking down to the main stage to watch ALO perform. They are one of my dad’s favorite bands and we were so excited to see them live. I had asked them if they would play Shapeshifter for me and they did and it was amazing.

I have only missed one 4 Peaks festival so far and I don’t plan to ever miss another one! Going to 4 Peaks has exposed me to different types of music and helped inspire me to play myself. 4 Peaks is the start of my family’s festival season and it’s so fun for all of us. It’s one of the best festivals I have been too and I plan to play the main stage myself one day!

Maxwell's Story

4 Peaks has the right staff, music, food, venue & scenery to keep me coming back.

Just north of Bend, Or lies the Rockin A Ranch that in mid June hosts the 4 Peaks Music Festival. It has a spectacular view of the mountains and beautiful soft rolling hills provide a comfortable space for camping for either tent or RV style to suit everyone. The sunsets at this festival are worth the trip by themselves and being a photographer, I am always ready to capture whatever beauty we get blessed with each evening.
The festival has ample facilities so you are rarely waiting in line and the food selection has a lot of variety to suit whatever taste you may be craving. Local breweries provide a nice selection of beer & wine and be sure to get there early to get one of the “silly pint“ glasses as they sell out quick. The smoothie’s are also divine and they were providing free refills for iced tea last year. Gotta keep yourself hydrated to keep up the level of fun & dancing so a steady intake of water & tea really keeps you going for these warm summer days. I tend to hydrate by day and dehydrate (drink alcohol) at night when it cools down a bit.

Bring the kids, I think they have more fun than the adults and I have the photos to prove it. Lots of organized activities are scheduled each day and many new friendships are being made as they dance & play together. Unless you are up close to the stage, ear protection isn’t really needed for the little ones but its always best to come prepared. I do believe they have soft plugs on site as well at the medical tent.

The staff is one of my favorite parts of this gathering as I have become close to many of them and they pour their heart & soul into making everything special for everyone.

Music – Oh yes there is music. And a nice variety of bluegrass, jazz/funk, rock, electronic and acoustic bands & artists with some surprises in store as the weekend progresses. They have the main stage that features the heart of the lineups with a secondary tent stage that starts as soon as the Main Stage act ends to fill in while the Main Stage is being changed out for the next band. This stage also provides the late night music as it is covered with walls to dampen the sound for those who head to bed early. This second stage doesn’t mean 2nd talent as the artists that play are often playing the main stage at other times or have a special set of surprises in store.

I consider myself a festival veteran but as the years pass, I have become more selective about which festivals I choose to attend and 4 Peaks has the right staff, music, food, venue & scenery to keep me coming back.

I could go into great detail about all the music and fanatic sets I have experienced at 4 Peaks but I will leave a little mystery open for your imagination. All I can say is that last Saturday I spent at last years 4 Peaks was one of the best musical days I have experienced in a long time. I was smiling & dancing & hugging & shooting as many photos as I could squeeze in. Be sure to take a peek at the last 3 years I have attended & photographed.

Carlton's Story

For such a tiny festival the names are HUGE!

The 4-Peaks festival always has made me feel like a thief, even though I volunteered for every single one I attended. The small size of this fest has inclusive intimacy that never makes you feel “swallowed up” like other larger festivals. The family camping zones are just steps from the venues, but quiet zones can be found. Not that you can’t find late night jams; you can, it’s just large enough to escape them if needed.
The food vendors are great and one night when the pizza vendor ran out of food, all the campers chipped in to keep them going. Now, on to the music. For such a tiny festival the names are HUGE! This makes this festival one of the best values in the entire Western US! Railroad Earth and Greensky Bluegrass are two bands you would expect from much larger festivals. No mosh pit here to get a good view of these bands! You will discover so many more. What makes this festival work so well is the camaraderie of the organization, the vendors, attendees, and of course the musicians! I urge you to participate
Marc's Story