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4 Peaks Music Festival’s Volunteer FAQ

Where is the 4 Peaks Music Festival located?2019-05-13T20:26:03-07:00

4 Peaks Music Festival is at
21085 Knott Road
Gate #4P
Bend, Oregon 97702
44.00785, -121.26597

Contact us at Questions@4peakspresents.com


These shifts are available on Thurs. 18th, Fri. 19th and Sat. 20th. Work is done by a group of 2 people that work as a team to watch our Stages and Venue as well as our Will Call Booth. Hours for this shift are from 12:00am-8:00am. This is a great position for couples or friends that want to work together and not miss any of the show.

Areas covered: Main Stage/Venue, and Will Call/Main Gate

Yurt Liaison2019-02-21T20:44:39-08:00

This liaison positions are is responsible for ensuring Yurt & Luxury RV purchaser are received by answering their questions, make sure they are situated properly, and taking care of.

Will Call/Gate Check-in2019-02-21T20:44:21-08:00

Will Call is responsible ticketing all patrons that come on site. Jobs include but not limited to: processing tickets, selling passes, answering questions, directing traffic, dealing with complaints, solving problems and enjoying the sun.

Volunteer Coordination Assistant2019-02-21T20:44:07-08:00

Volunteer coordination assistants will assist the Volunteer Coordination Lead in checking in all volunteers, providing them with info about their crews, and supplying volunteers with proper credentials and t-shirt. You will be the first point of contact for all volunteers at the festival.

Street Team2019-02-21T20:43:50-08:00

The Street Team is responsible for dispersing all printed materials (and posting online) ahead of time, hitting the streets with guerilla marketing efforts for months leading up to the event. You get to attend events, activities and more. You will get to enjoy the festival all weekend long, as your volunteer shifts are completed ahead of the festival. Therefore, if you are on the street team, we will require you to work above and beyond the 12 hours shift normally required.

Stage Hands2019-02-21T20:43:31-08:00

Stagehands must perform a large amount of behind-the-scenes labor in settings where performances take place. Examples include building, placing, and changing sets; setting up sound systems, lighting, and props; and completing miscellaneous duties related to the production they are working on.

Site Teardown/Clean-up/Move-out2019-02-21T20:43:07-08:00

Site cleanup/Tear down volunteers are responsible for breaking down the festival and helping restore things to their prior use. Attention to detail, the ability to follow directions, and patience are essential. The more attention paid to the details of putting everything away after the festival, the less stress and impact we have on the Stevenson Ranch, and the better our ability to set the festival back up the following year at this location. (Work is very strenuous and requires a lot of physical labor)

Site Set-up/Move-in2019-02-21T20:42:42-08:00

Set Up volunteers are crucial to 4 Peaks in the week prior to the festival. They work under the direct supervision of the Site Operations coordinator and are responsible for setting up tents, water systems, signs, helping with decoration, laying out areas, delivering tables and chairs, picking rocks from pathways, and whatever else comes up. You know the various and sundry things needed to be done to ready the site. There are a myriad of them!

Competency with tools, ability to follow direction and to work on your own or in a group is key. Work can be physically demanding and happens largely out in the elements (of our perfect Central Oregon weather). Set up volunteers are known to come to their shifts with an open mind for any tasks and creativity for the “vibe” of the festival. (Work is very strenuous and requires a lot of physical labor)

Silent Disco/Movie2019-02-21T20:42:11-08:00

Help lead person set-up/break-down projector, sound and screen for the movie, help run and maintain movie and then move to the silent disco.  Help monitor and collect wireless headsets and watch for headsets being taken in and out of venue.

Safety Crew/Gate Monitor2019-02-21T20:41:54-08:00

This entails watching gates, roaming grounds, monitoring credentials. Be on time for your shift which means 15 min early to check in. Be in proper attire and always have a flashlight does not matter if it’s a day or night shift. Intoxication will not be tolerated that includes Cannabis. Provide a safe environment for all staff and patrons.

Protect against property damage so that we may continue to have future festivals at this site.

No open fires are permitted. (Who is on fire crew? We are all on fire crew.) Know your zone, environment is ever changing so you will need to observe actively. Some volunteers will be issued a radio. The reason for this is to ensure that if there is a safety event that the proper crew may be contacted to respond to any needs that arise. (If issued a radio you will be trained on proper use and etiquette.) Let’s remember that we are all here to have a great time and we need everyone’s help to make this happen.


Things you’ll not be doing:

You will not at any point be asked for help with any medical issues in any way we have a staff for that and they can be contacted at any time.

You will not at any point be involved in altercation intervention. (Contact a security officer for any issue that you are unsure of.)

You will not be asked to search, seize, or check anyone belongings.

You will not be asked to check ID’s

Recycling Crew2019-02-21T20:41:15-08:00

4 Peaks runs as a Zero Waste festival IN THE VENUE, relying on Zero Waste Volunteers to educate and support festival attendees about the appropriate disposal of compost and recycling. Zero Waste Volunteers also pick up and dispose of filled compost and recycling barrels. You may also be asked to roam the grounds (seeing and hearing the music) and pick up micro-trash and trash that patrons have overlooked, keeping our festival grounds clean and looking good the whole weekend. It is vital that no trash blows into neighboring properties.


Ability to cart away and dispose of filled trash, compost and recycling barrels. Ability to learn and then teach the specifics of Zero Waste to attendees. Ability to maintain a positive outlook and courteous demeanor.


Parking volunteers facilitate the orderly parking of the many vehicles that come to 4 Peaks, including specialized parking for elder people, disabled, campers, motorcycles etc. Essential to this job is a willingness and preparation to be in the weather for long hours. Parking volunteers are one of the first faces of 4 Peaks that our visitors see; they must demonstrate a positive an courteous manner and attention to detail . Parking volunteers must be 18 years of age and over.


The 4 Peaks Merchandise Sales is located undercover. It is the place where visitors can purchase 4 Peaks Merchandise: T-shirts, water bottles, stickers, etc. Most festival attendees visit the Merchandise Tent at least twice during the festival. Merchandise Tent volunteers play a vital role in helping to make all attendees feel welcome and valued. The ability to manage money and work a cash and credit card (square) machine are required. Volunteers at the Merch booth must be comfortable handling cash, dealing with performers, and the general public. It is also important to be somewhat of a “sales” person and help people with he merchandise, sometimes giving advice on sizes or colors.


Wellness booth volunteers need to be familiar with the schedule and layout of the property, be comfortable using the radio and contacting other departments when necessary, and must be welcoming and courteous at all times. Volunteers assigned to wellness encourage attendees to keep well hydrated and protected from the sun, offering free sunscreen, and locations of available water. Medical Experience (CPR, EMT, NP etc..) is a plus, but not necessary, as there will be a certified person with you in the booth at all times.


Videographer, Photographer, for the event. Sometimes you will be required to lend a hand to Stumptown Bliss, the audio and video crew for the festival. You also will be working with festival organizers to establish the wide arrange of shots needed for marketing purposes!


Must be good with children! Works in coordination with the Kidlandia Heads on organized projects at Kidlandia. This is not a babysitting service, Kidlandia is a place for children and their parents to do age-appropriate, structured activities. Volunteers are responsible for cleaning up supplies during and after shifts, and redirecting children in activities.


This position enables you to be backstage all weekend. It is not very shift specific and requires flexibility and working with the artists, beverages, and food handling, as well as green-room  cleaning up, and turning over for the bands. You may be asked to go between stages for errands, drive off-site and help the artists with needs.


This is the position for Oregon Certified Flaggers to flag the roads at different times!

Beer Garden2019-02-21T20:37:55-08:00

4 Peaks Brew-crew! Duties include pouring beer, alcohol monitor, helping in bar functions. Must have OLCC card, flashlight and like slinging brews!

Banner Procurement2019-02-21T20:37:38-08:00

Run and collect all sponsor banners, deliver to site. Pick up and deliver other printed materials and perhaps run more errands if applicable.


You are invited to be on the artistic wonderful Ambiance Crew! This job entailed hours worked ahead of the festival, and maybe on site the weekend of the festival. You will be painting signs, decorating and assembling materials off-site, some on your own time frame. This job requires weekend hours, non-consecutive hours over time and hours leading up to the festival, not necessarily working during the music. Please sign up for 2 random shifts just so we can get you into the system. These are NOT the required hours. Thanks and happy ambiancing!

What else do I need to know?2019-02-12T23:28:16-08:00

Have fun, spread the 4 Peaks word, dance like no one is watching, smile smile smile…and ROCK ON!!

If there is an issue with a patron, who do I contact?2019-02-12T23:27:56-08:00

Inform your Crew Chief they will know how to proceed, depending on what the issue is. If you cannot find a Crew Chief then find someone with a radio they should be able to help you contact the proper person. If all else fails, find a Safety Crew or Security Staff member to help you or go to the Security Tent located next to the entrance of the venue.

Do I get to go backstage and party?2019-02-12T23:27:39-08:00

There is no backstage access for anyone without the proper credentials. If your volunteer duties require you to be backstage you will be granted access for that time and then asked to leave when those duties are complete. If you use your volunteer credentials to gain access to backstage areas while off duty or without permission you may have your volunteer privileges revoked and may be asked to leave the festival.

Can I wear my T-Shirt after my shift?2019-02-12T23:27:11-08:00

Yes, you can, however, you may be mistaken for ‘working’ and get asked questions. Also be leary of partying while wearing your T-shirt. Wear it as much as you would like post-festival, to show the 4Peaks love!

Do I have to wear my T-shirt during my shift?2019-02-12T23:26:50-08:00

Yes we ask that you show up for your shift with your T-shirt, a flashlight (no matter what time of day your shift is), and any other items that you may need to complete your shift.

What to bring with me if I have never been to a festival before?2019-02-12T23:26:32-08:00

-Water with your own bottle
-Clothing Layers
-Sturdy shoes in case you are standing for hours
-Camping gear
-Family and friends

Can I drink a beer or smoke on shift?2019-02-12T23:25:53-08:00

As you probably thought the answer is no you cannot. 4 Peaks Music Festival has a zero-tolerance policy for intoxication during your shift. You are in a family environment, representing the 4 Peaks family and are expected to act accordingly.

Do I get fed during my shift?2019-02-12T23:25:33-08:00

No please plan accordingly for all your food and beverage needs. There are wonderful vendors of many cuisines to fed you all weekend, starting Thursday at 4pm

Do I have to pay for my vehicle to camp? (Or RV/Trailer)?2019-02-12T23:25:00-08:00

There is one vehicle impact fee included in your volunteer position. Please purchase an RV or trailer pass of you plan on bringing an oversized vehicle (18’+) to the grounds!

Where do I get my free t-shirt?2019-02-12T23:24:37-08:00

When you check in at Volunteer Check-in\Will Call, you will receive your Tee!

Can I bring my dog or peacock to the site if I’m working ahead of time?2019-02-12T23:24:14-08:00

Please leave all living creatures at home, 2 legs or more, other than your friends and family! We are respectfully and gratefully inhabiting private farmland to hold our festival, and there are no outside animals allowed.

If I complete the work prior to the festival. (ie. street team), will I have to pay the deposit?2019-02-12T23:23:51-08:00

You are exempt from the $185 deposit if you have shifts that require you to work prior to festival hours.

Do I have to have a vehicle check, or is there a volunteer lane/pass through?2019-06-14T18:16:28-07:00

All vehicle are subject to search by security no matter what, no exceptions, every time you enter the grounds.

What do I need to be prepared for with breaks, meals and beverages?2019-02-12T23:23:13-08:00

You will be working two 6-hour shifts so be prepared with any water and snacks that you require. You do not get meals and beverages unless a staff member has told you otherwise or you are working a double shift. There are water stations around the site. Stay hydrated!

Can I come to the gates the week before, set up my camp, and leave?2019-02-12T23:22:53-08:00

No, you can not. No early setup will be allowed. Any setup prior to pre-approved Wednesday setup will be removed.

When can I come onsite to camp or set up?2019-02-12T23:22:36-08:00

You can come when the gates open at noon on Thursday, unless you have an early Thursday shift, then you are allowed to come Wednesday after 3pm and set up camp and stay.

What do I do if I can not find a crew leader on site?2019-02-12T23:22:21-08:00

Reach out to the Crew lead that you got contacted by. Return to the Volunteer Check-in area at Will Call or the Volunteer Info Center. Or, find someone on-site that has a radio to contact them.

When do I find out my crew and schedule?2019-02-12T23:21:25-08:00

The Volunteer Coordination Staff will begin Crew selection in March and you will be notified when that process is complete. Your schedules will begin being processed in May and you will receive them upon completion. Please do not ask for this info prior as we will not be able to provide it for you.

Where do I go when I arrive on site?2019-02-12T23:21:08-08:00

Please use the Volunteer Check-in line at Will Call to get your credentials. Additionally, there will be a volunteer booth near the venue to provide you with info if needed after your check-in. Check the maps at Will Call or around the site for directions.

Just a Quick Reminder

Everyone needs a ticket to enter the festival grounds. “Camping” means primitive tent & car camping. Please purchase an RV or yurt pass if you desire to upgrade.  All vehicles require a vehicle pass; cars – Vehicle Impact Fee,  RVs – RV Pass, In Tow – 3 Axle/Trailer Pass

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