True Spokes
Year performed at 4 Peaks:
 Bio: “Together they come up with music that strikes a nice balance between being musically and lyrically creative and yet likely to have wide appeal. There are touches of retro sounds, but originality dominates. The group often shows some cleverness, and yet it’s fairly subtle and unpretentious.” George Graham – WVIA-FM, Pennsylvania The Graham Weekly Album Review

Everything in its right place is an expression that springs to mind with Seattle’s The True Spokes. All the fundamentals are rock solid and what rises from that sure foundation is rock ‘n’ roll of a timeless nature, born from quality musicianship and songwriting and given subtle, seductive nuance. While their eponymous 2012 debut marks their first studio outing, several lifetimes of experience – musical and otherwise – resonates in their music, something wholly organic and softly philosophical – a perfect soundtrack for the daily grind that reaches outward beyond the challenges towards something hopeful, real and truthful. Singer-guitarist Josh Clauson, singer-guitarist RL Heyer, drummer Scott Goodwin, and percussionist/keyboardist Bob Rees are cut from a classic mold, very much kindred spirits to Wilco, The Beatles, and The Kinks, i.e. powerhouse groups where harmony, robust playing and dedicated craftsmanship run headlong into rock’s indefinable, exuberant, enduring zeitgeist.