Location: Bend, OR

Website: tiklari.com

Hours: Always Open


Tiklari was born in 2010 during a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The brand’s original concept has evolved and transformed through the years. As I have walked my spiritual path, my life, the way I see the world + the way I relate to the Earth has transformed, and so has my art. In 2019, 9 years after its birth, a new version of Tiklari came into being.

Guided by intuition, I alchemize the vibratory frequency of crystals and animal energies to create one-of-a-kind mala bracelets and necklaces. Each piece is made with a specific, positive intention inspired by a specific chakra, animal, or Element of Nature. The result is a piece of wearable art super-charged with the magical healing powers of Mother Earth that can aid you in your healing journey. I am called to bring back the days where we valued craftsmanship, slow living and simple elements from Nature. My wish is that the piece you are called to take home with you touches your heart, speaks to your soul, and becomes a daily reminder of your innate light magic, wisdom + power and your deep connection to the Earth.