Super Rad Cape Company
Location: 9956 W Mesquite Court Boise, ID 83704


Hours: Always Open


Here at Super Rad Cape Company we are committed to creating quality handmade super hero capes and party accessories to help people look good, while expressing themselves freely! That’s why we design and handcraft all of our merchandise with durability and light-hearted beauty in mind. We make our capes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit everyone, kiddos to adults! Understanding that people of all ages and sizes want to play, we offer a variety of sizes for ages 1 to 101.

Another of our most popular handmade items are our colorful button up “Party Shirts” made of brightly patterned and hand selected spandex blend fabric! We source our spandex fabric here in the USA, and make the shirts ourselves!

Our main mission is to create fabulous, durable clothing items that people can’t find anywhere else, that encourage them to be the best version of themselves, and feel comfortable, nay, empowered by who they are!

Catch up with us here, or out on our summer festival tour!