Rawmona’s Jewelry
Location: Bend, OR

Website: rawmonaskitchen.com

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Rawmona’s Kitchen was born out of the desire to honor and celebrate my Mexican roots through creating sweets + treats that nourish your soul with joy + magic. I cook + bake in small batches using simple, healing, wholesome ingredients Mother Earth offers us, such as fruits, herbs, nut flours, nuts, fruits, spices + maple syrup, adding a Mexican touch to every treat I create. Mother Earth gives us everything we need to nourish + heal our body, mind and spirit. I feel called to bring back the days where we valued taking the time to grow our own vegetables, gather fruit, cook, bake and appreciate Nature’s gifts once again.

I was born and raised in Mexico, a country with a rich, colorful food culture. I grew up eating rich, magical, fresh flavors. Frozen dinners or take-out were not a thing. All of our meals were homemade, crafted with whole foods and lots of love. I come from a family of successful food business entrepreneurs. Food + creativity are in my blood. I took my first cooking class when I was 8, keeping a notebook with all my recipes. I sold cookies outside my house and made a sign for my little business, which I called “Galletitas Riquiiiisimas”, meaning “Deliiicious Cookies.” As a teenager, I walked door to door selling my homemade Cajeta (mexican caramel sauce) jell-o, and I always dreamt of one day owning a restaurant or bakery. Through the years, I have spent countless hours playing + experimenting in the kitchen I have worked as a food photographer + stylist and have taken a good share of cooking + baking courses learning from amazing, talented teachers in Mexico, the USA and abroad.

My biggest teacher in the kitchen was my abuelita (grandma). She lived in my family’s Hacienda in Northern Mexico for many years, where she cooked every day using ingredients that were grown by my grandfather and his workers. She made everything from scratch, including ice creams, jams, flan + ”arroz con leche”. She was an excellent cook and wrote a huge cookbook, which she never published but is now one of my most treasured possessions. If you ever saw her eat, she savored every bite. Not only did I learn some skills from her, but she taught me to truly appreciate good, wholesome food.