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Far Out West
Year performed at 4 Peaks:

Portland-based Far Out West strikes a relentlessly engaging balance between a funk-infused jam and a jazz-informed collaboration, making them stand out as one of Portland’s most creative electric trios to groove their way across the West Coast in recent years. Since the band’s inception in 2016, their high energy performances and upbeat instrumentation continue to raise the spirits of their audiences, one sensational beat at a time.

Following the release of their debut EP, The Good Fight (2018), the then 4-piece began a residency at local club The Goodfoot. Since then, the band has completed several regional tours, with performances at notable festivals like Northwest String Summit, Juniper Jam, 4 Peaks Music Festival and the Beltane Music Festival. Throughout this time they also shared stages with heavy-hitters Becca Stevens, Jeff Austin Band, Dirty Revival, World’s Finest, and Jelly Bread. The group completed a live recording session at Fremont Recording Studio in early 2020, where they captured a handful of fresh material to tape.

Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Liz Chibucos, drummer Forest Carter and bassist Matthew Holmes, the now-trio has developed a new repertoire of songs that branch out from the groups’ previous bluegrass influence and lean into the grounded wildness of freewheeling jazz-rock. Their psych-funk outlet harnesses rich, melodic motion and fresh improvisation. Through intentional use of space and rhythm, Far Out West integrates groove-oriented bass & percussion with smoking guitar solos and robust, sultry vocals, a medley that’s sure to tell a story as vibrant as it is nuanced.