Asher Fulero
Year preformed at 4 Peaks:

Asher Fulero is a world-class Pianist/Keyboardist with virtuosic skills and a modern-edged Music Producer that defies categorization. Constantly involved in a wide range of musical projects, he has spent the last 25 years relentlessly pushing his own boundaries both technically and stylistically while captivating music lovers around the globe with his fresh ideas, deep chops, natural feel and infectious spontaneity.

Asher maintains a myriad of diverse original musical projects including the 5-piece Asher Fulero Band, 10 albums as his electronic producer alter-ego Halo Refuser, and more in addition to recording and touring the world with downtempo legends Emancipator and Guitar Shred icon Paul Gilbert (Racer X, Mr. Big).
Meanwhile, he composes vast amounts of original soundtrack music for the Youtube Audio Library, maintains a diverse studio session schedule playing keys for other producers/ songwriters, and works with several ‘special occasion’ ensembles.