Acorn Project
Year preformed at 4 Peaks:

Deep electro-funk grooves and sonic instrumental exploration interlaced with a provocative indie-rock song writing ability have become the signatures of Bellingham, Washington’s Acorn Project. As a long time staple on the touring circuit of the Pacific Northwest, the sextet has spent the past three years expanding their region and is a recognizable touring machine on the West Coast, British Columbia, and out through Colorado and the Southwestern United States.

Formed in 2002 from basement jam-session beginnings, original members Andy Pritiken (guitar/lead vocals), Sam Lax (Saxophone/Percussion/Vocals), Todd Benedict (Drums), and former member Kale McGuinness (Bass) came together in the most incubescent way. Not one member had played in any organized musical group. For this reason they chose the name Acorn Project in 2004 symbolizing their collective effort to grow as a musical entity with focus and dedication for their passion for live music.

Additions were made including Oskar Kollen (Keys/Vocals 2005), and long time guest musician and virtuoso Tristan Curran (Lead Guitar/Vocals 2006), bringing the bands sound to new heights. Scott Vaillancourt (Bass 2010) and Kevin Chryst aka KREESTOE recently replaced the original McGuinness/Benedict rhythm section and have efficiently adopted Acorn’s repertoire. The dynamic and charging new rhythm section rounds out the current six-piece ensemble as they continue to produce an irresistibly unique sound with the same focus, dedication, and dream-worthy energy of their beginnings, and current aspirations of becoming an established national touring act.

“Acorn Project, who conjures up the appealing marriage of mid-period Pink Floyd, early Radiohead and the blues-jazz-dub whap of Morphine… cuts a broad cloth that could fit classic rockers, jam fans, and jazz heads with taste for prog. Often mélanges of this kind come out mushy and indistinct, too many ingredients dulling the sharpness of individual elements, but Acorn’s production and arrangement savvy keep things bright and together throughout. A hard touring bunch… unlike many road dogs, they clearly know their way around a studio, too.”