Questions on parking at 4 Peaks

Vehicle Re-Entry Pass

Due to overwhelming demand, we are rolling out a pass that allows those who need to leave the site throughout the weekend with this pre-purchased in and out pass. Unlimited re-entry will be permitted during posted gate hours. Avoid re-entry fees and save money by purchasing this pass now and get your dedicated car camping [...]

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Car Parking

Gates to camping/parking (not the venue) open noon, Thursday, June 20th, 2019. All vehicles entering the site are required to purchase a “Vehicle Impact Fee” ($25) with the exception of RVs ($150) or vehicles with a trailer ($40) or vehicles parking in Day Parking ($5).

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3-Axle/Trailer Parking

You will need 3-Axle/Trailer Pass for vehicles with a trailer under 18' in length. If the combined length of these items are greater than 18', you must purchase an RV pass. A Weekend Pass are needed for everyone in the vehicle.

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If you purchase an RV Pass you will be parking in an RV Specific Camping Zone. Due to the nature of the site, we need to maximize every square foot thoughtfully. There will be one area that is designed for mixed use (RV’s/Trailers/Cars/tents). If you wish to access this area, please RSVP accordingly by selecting [...]

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Parking Fees?

Yes, there is $25 Vehicle Impact Fee for all vehicles entering the festival grounds with the exception of vehicles that have purchased other passes (ie. RV Pass). This fee helps offset the cost of repair to the working ranch on which the festival is being held and is good for the whole weekend. There is also [...]

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