This entails watching gates, roaming grounds, monitoring credentials. Be on time for your shift which means 15 min early to check in. Be in proper attire and always have a flashlight does not matter if it’s a day or night shift. Intoxication will not be tolerated that includes Cannabis. Provide a safe environment for all staff and patrons.

Protect against property damage so that we may continue to have future festivals at this site.

No open fires are permitted. (Who is on fire crew? We are all on fire crew.) Know your zone, environment is ever changing so you will need to observe actively. Some volunteers will be issued a radio. The reason for this is to ensure that if there is a safety event that the proper crew may be contacted to respond to any needs that arise. (If issued a radio you will be trained on proper use and etiquette.) Let’s remember that we are all here to have a great time and we need everyone’s help to make this happen.


Things you’ll not be doing:

You will not at any point be asked for help with any medical issues in any way we have a staff for that and they can be contacted at any time.

You will not at any point be involved in altercation intervention. (Contact a security officer for any issue that you are unsure of.)

You will not be asked to search, seize, or check anyone belongings.

You will not be asked to check ID’s