Stage Hands

Stagehands must perform a large amount of behind-the-scenes labor in settings where performances take place. Examples include building, placing, and changing sets; setting up sound systems, lighting, and props; and completing miscellaneous duties related to the production they are working on.

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Site Teardown/Clean-up/Move-out

Site cleanup/Tear down volunteers are responsible for breaking down the festival and helping restore things to their prior use. Attention to detail, the ability to follow directions, and patience are essential. The more attention paid to the details of putting everything away after the festival, the less stress and impact we have on the Stevenson [...]

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Site Set-up/Move-in

Set Up volunteers are crucial to 4 Peaks in the week prior to the festival. They work under the direct supervision of the Site Operations coordinator and are responsible for setting up tents, water systems, signs, helping with decoration, laying out areas, delivering tables and chairs, picking rocks from pathways, and whatever else comes up. [...]

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Silent Disco/Movie

Help lead person set-up/break-down projector, sound and screen for the movie, help run and maintain movie and then move to the silent disco.  Help monitor and collect wireless headsets and watch for headsets being taken in and out of venue.

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Safety Crew/Gate Monitor

This entails watching gates, roaming grounds, monitoring credentials. Be on time for your shift which means 15 min early to check in. Be in proper attire and always have a flashlight does not matter if it's a day or night shift. Intoxication will not be tolerated that includes Cannabis. Provide a safe environment for all [...]

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Recycling Crew

4 Peaks runs as a Zero Waste festival IN THE VENUE, relying on Zero Waste Volunteers to educate and support festival attendees about the appropriate disposal of compost and recycling. Zero Waste Volunteers also pick up and dispose of filled compost and recycling barrels. You may also be asked to roam the grounds (seeing and [...]

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Parking volunteers facilitate the orderly parking of the many vehicles that come to 4 Peaks, including specialized parking for elder people, disabled, campers, motorcycles etc. Essential to this job is a willingness and preparation to be in the weather for long hours. Parking volunteers are one of the first faces of 4 Peaks that our [...]

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The 4 Peaks Merchandise Sales is located undercover. It is the place where visitors can purchase 4 Peaks Merchandise: T-shirts, water bottles, stickers, etc. Most festival attendees visit the Merchandise Tent at least twice during the festival. Merchandise Tent volunteers play a vital role in helping to make all attendees feel welcome and valued. The [...]

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Wellness booth volunteers need to be familiar with the schedule and layout of the property, be comfortable using the radio and contacting other departments when necessary, and must be welcoming and courteous at all times. Volunteers assigned to wellness encourage attendees to keep well hydrated and protected from the sun, offering free sunscreen, and locations [...]

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Videographer, Photographer, for the event. Sometimes you will be required to lend a hand to Stumptown Bliss, the audio and video crew for the festival. You also will be working with festival organizers to establish the wide arrange of shots needed for marketing purposes!

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