The Quick & Short answer is NO!

Due to our proximity to the airport, we are in restricted airspace. In this area, a recreational operator must give notice to the Airport operator and the Air traffic control tower prior to flight. Also, note that hobby flyers are not allowed to fly the flight in Class B airspace around most major airports without specific air traffic permission and that flying over the event is prohibited.
Further, the FAA prohibits recreational fliers from flying over groups of people and Certified Remote Pilots must comply with Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations . Violations will result in expulsion from the event and a report to the FAA.

Unregistered drones operating above the event are subject to confiscation and delivery to the FAA and the operator will be ejected and reported. If you do not have written permission from the Event Manager, please consider this a NO FLY ZONE. Thank you for your cooperation.