Are we able to use drones at 4 Peaks?

The Quick & Short answer is NO! Due to our proximity to the airport, we are in restricted airspace. In this area, a recreational operator must give notice to the Airport operator and the Air traffic control tower prior to flight. Also, note that hobby flyers are not allowed to fly the flight in Class [...]

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How does the Friday Pass work?

The $100* Friday Pass allows patrons to see all of our Friday experiences only. In order to make it happen, patrons must purchase a Friday Pass on or directly at Will Call. Purchasers will pay the equivalent of a full weekend pass ($225), but then have the $125 deposit returned upon surrendering wristband at [...]

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These shifts are available on Thurs. 18th, Fri. 19th and Sat. 20th. Work is done by a group of 2 people that work as a team to watch our Stages and Venue as well as our Will Call Booth. Hours for this shift are from 12:00am-8:00am. This is a great position for couples or friends [...]

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Yurt Liaison

This liaison positions are is responsible for ensuring Yurt & Luxury RV purchaser are received by answering their questions, make sure they are situated properly, and taking care of.

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Will Call/Gate Check-in

Will Call is responsible ticketing all patrons that come on site. Jobs include but not limited to: processing tickets, selling passes, answering questions, directing traffic, dealing with complaints, solving problems and enjoying the sun.

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Volunteer Coordination Assistant

Volunteer coordination assistants will assist the Volunteer Coordination Lead in checking in all volunteers, providing them with info about their crews, and supplying volunteers with proper credentials and t-shirt. You will be the first point of contact for all volunteers at the festival.

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Street Team

The Street Team is responsible for dispersing all printed materials (and posting online) ahead of time, hitting the streets with guerilla marketing efforts for months leading up to the event. You get to attend events, activities and more. You will get to enjoy the festival all weekend long, as your volunteer shifts are completed ahead [...]

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