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Bend Roots Revival 2020
Oct 30 – Nov 1
Stream: bendroots.net

VIRTUAL ROOTS 2020, October 30th – November 1st…A grand celebration of culture and live music in Bend! See the full schedule at https://www.bendroots.net

The BEND ROOTS REVIVAL is an authentic grassroots community event. Since 2006 Bend Roots has grown in the spirit of education, and is designed to help cultivate the soul of our community. We believe this celebration is vital to the wellbeing of Bend now more than ever, and we agree, safety should be everyone’s first priority.

This season, seven sound stages, distributed around the town of Bend, will host 80 live streamed performances. We are creating socially distanced environments for the acts to perform on OUTDOOR stages.

All revivalists (patrons of the event) are encouraged to STAY AT HOME, and tune-in to any performance on any stage via the livestream feeds at https://www.bendroots.net. The sound stages and venues hosting them are there for the bands and their families. Occupancy at each venue will be minimized and tightly restricted to comply with safety protocols.

Net proceeds from merchandise sales, sponsorship and donations at this event grow the Bend Roots Revival, and support art and music education through the local non-profit Rise Up Presents.

Many thanks to all who are already helping with sponsorship this year! Thanks Casey’s and the Oregon Community Foundation, BIGS, Redbird, El Sancho, Silver Moon, Worthy, Skjersaa Group/Duke Warner, Cosmic Depot, Avid Cider, and Spoken Moto.
Interested sponsors please contact Samantha Harber sam@bendroots.net and/or go to the sponsor link at https://bendroots.net/donate-sponsor/

We will still need a large number of volunteers at the 5 locations to make this event happen! If you are interested in listening to some great music and volunteering some of your time, sign up here:

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