WE ARE FULL FOR volunteers for 2014! Thanks so much for your interest and make sure and apply early in 2015! 

Putting on any music festival requires the committed effort of many creative individuals who love music and who love the community engendered by such efforts.  Volunteers will play a very important role in the smooth running of the festival.  They will set the stage for festivarians to co-create the event with the bands and promoters.  They will dress up this picturesque site into a radiant and colorful display of our shared love for music.  They will receive attendees, direct them to the parking lots, take tickets, smile and spread positivity.  Volunteers will help park cars, secure the venue, monitor alcohol, take tickets and check writsbands, demarcate camping areas, hang decorations, post banners, paint signs….  And then, after the festival, volunteers will help return the site to the state it was in before the festival.

In return, a volunteer will receive a free pass including camping and a volunteer tee shirt!

We will expect our volunteers to:

  1.       Commit to 8 hours of work before, during or after the festival, slated for June 20-22, 2014!
  2.       Purchase a pass (with a check to us), which will be reimbursed to all volunteers who complete their shifts.  To purchase your pass, you must check the website for the current ticket value and send your check in that value to the address below.  The initial ticket price will be determined soon and go up incrementally as the festival draws nearer, so it’s better to get your Volunteer stuff in sooner than later; you also get a better chance at getting the shift you want.  Mail to:


4 Peaks Music Festival

921 NW 13th St.

Bend, OR  97701

3.  Please include a 3×5 index card with:

1.  Your name

2.  Your contact information: telephone, email, mailing address

3.  Any history of Festival volunteering and what you were responsible for
(if applicable)


4.  Your preferred commitment:  8 hours before, during or after the festival; though we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned what you ask for.  In the past, it has worked out very well for all of our volunteers!

In early June we will be assigning posts and timelines regarding the setup, maintenance, and take-down hours necessary to “leave no trace” and respect the owners of the festival site and their many gracious neighbors who will be in attendance.   A meeting ahead of time will be planned, you will be contacted after we receive your note-card and check

Thank YOU for your help in making this one of the best Rockin’ festivals of the summer! We can not do it without you! If you have any more questions, you can contact kevin@4peaksmuic.com